About alfredo_web@justtextal.com

Consultant, Information Technology Support, and Live Streaming Setup Training

1) Technology Consultant

2) Help Desk

3) Software Developer

4) Database Programmer

5) System Administrator

Currently in the process of getting Cyber Security Certificate with an emphasis in DevSecOps.

I am a software developer and I got my Computer Science degree in 2011, but I’ve been programming around 2002. Before I got my degree, I was also in Quality Assurance and made sure physical public records were correct. The experience I learned in Quality Assurance translates over to software development because software must be error proof before the software is released to the public. Bugs may occur, but that’s when updates and revisions are made.

I studied Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server since 2008 and 2009. Last time I used a Microsoft SQL Server was in 2014 and 2019. From 2014 to 2018, I used MySQL and PostregreSQL to create SQL joins to have data show up properly in the application. The 2019 job was a Business Analyst role at SoCalGas, but required knowledge of SQL because the SQL report builder built the report for you without knowing what SQL was written.

I first went to Los Angeles Trade Technical College looking into getting a Computer Information Systems Associate degree. I then transferred in 2002 in California State University, Los Angeles pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I started a family in 2005 and was short three classes to getting the degree. I first was interested in the banking industry with Bank of America in 2006, but I did not have enough programming experience. I found an internship at e7 Architecture Studio in 2008. After the wave of layoffs and finishing my internship, I went back to California State University, Los Angeles to obtain the Computer Science degree in 2011. I worked in the automotive industry in between 2013 to 2018 with South Bay Auto Auction or Advent Resources. I am currently working at Amazon Logistics Operations roles.

I want to be a “bar raiser” and need to know what a “writing culture” is in order to”hire and develop the best” and “insist on the highest standards”




In my spare time, I learned about live streaming video technology starting in 2011. At 2016, I helped my local church Inglewood Southside Christian Church live stream their church services. When my schedule is free, I also stream retro video games or programming on Twitch.